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  • The work we do together is client led – you will always be in control of where we go and what we work on 
  • You will be fully aware and awake – guided by your intuition and creativity, feeling safe and grounded throughout the transformational process
  • You will likely experience insights and be able to tune into answers that you were previously unable to access
  • We will work with these insights in a creative way to release, transform and/or discover new and expanded possibilities – to help you envision the path forward and to take the next steps with clarity, grace and relative ease
  • Every session is unique – it is a creative process where you will access your innate wisdom as your personal guide and mentor
  • Throughout our work together we will engage whatever set of tools serves you best each step along the way – the modalities will flow seamlessly from one to another just as a sculptor changes their position effortlessly while creating a work of art

The Havening Techniques®, also known as DeltaTechniques®, are modalities based in neuroscience that can be used to help rapidly resolve the energetic impact of stressful life events. Based on new advances in neuroscience we now have the ability to heal the wounds caused by these events. Through connecting with the neurons in your brain that encoded the stressful life events and using Havening touch and distraction techniques you will release the energetic impact and delink or de-potentiate these neural pathways. The use of Havening Techniques can help you build a more resilient landscape in which you are free to reframe the memories with compassion and positivity and begin to create a life of alignment.

The Havening Techniques are comprised of protocols and methods that rely on the electrochemical makeup of our body to create healing. They can be used for emotional disturbances, stress management, peak performance in business or sports as well as setting and achieving goals. They can also be used on your own as a highly effective self-help tool.




Hypnotherapy is a communication and re-education process through which the conscious and subconscious minds are trained to want and believe the same message.

Hypnotherapy uses guided relaxation, focused concentration and attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness called hypnosis – often referred to as trance. 

During hypnosis the filter for the conscious mind is bypassed creating less resistance and allowing for suggestions to be taken in by the subconscious mind. In this state of trance, it is also possible to safely explore challenging thoughts, feelings or memories that may have been hidden away from the conscious mind. Once the hidden stressor is revealed, it can be addressed using powerful techniques to release or transform limiting beliefs, trauma or fears at the root cause, allowing the symptoms of the issue to settle and be replaced by positive, life affirming choices. 


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Lynn Demers at Golden Buddha Havening and Hypnotherapy is a certified practitioner of Havening Techniques®. Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York www.havening.org